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This edition covers over 69 Film and animations, 17 slideshows, 72 mindmaps and more than 690 assessment questions.

Topics Covered :-
1. Food where does it come from9. Separation of substances
2. Health and Hygiene.10. Garbage in, Garbage out
3. Components of Foods.11. Changes Around Us
4. Electricity and Circuits.  12. Getting to Know Plants
5. Fiber to Fabric.13. Body Movements
6. Fun with Magnets.14. The Living Organisms and their surroundings
7. Sorting Materials and Group  15. Work and Energy
8. Water 

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Learning Objectives
Interactive and fun learning, equips learners and educators with digital resources such as videos, animations and mindmaps
Class 6 – Science demo DVD
Class 6 Science - The Need and
Benefits of Food Preservation

This edition covers over 47 Film and animations, 15 slideshows, 33 mindmaps and more than 583 assessment questions.

Topics Covered :-
1. Knowing Your Numbers8. Symmetry
2. Whole Numbers9. Understanding Elementary Shapes
3. Playing With Numbers10. Practical Geometry
4. Mensuration  11. Integers
5. Algebra12. Fractions
6. Ratio and Proportion13. Decimals
7. Basic Geometrical Ideass14. Data Handling

Note*: Software is compatible with 32-Bit Windows Operating system only.
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Learning Objectives
Interactive and fun learning, equips learners and educators with digital resources such as videos, animations and mindmaps.
DVD for class 6 Maths
Class 6 Maths - Symmetry

Age Group : 

12 years to 18 years.

About the Program : 

Memory is nothing but the ability to retain information or to recall information about previous experiences. Memory appears to be stored in a multi-sensory format within the cells of the brain.

Students who have a natural ability to easily memorize facts, figures, and procedures may have an easier time taking tests and may earn higher scores on exams. After all, being able to memorize more easily allows you to quickly answer fact-based questions and provide more detailed answers on essay questions. Fortunately, for those students who may have some trouble memorizing, there are different techniques that can help you improve your memory.

This program includes various Memorization techniques to retain and recall the things at the time of stress. Also the practical applicability in context to school curriculum is given.

Benefits of the program :
For every user it will be an extra skill which will be helpful throughout life.
Child will be aware that rote memorization technique is not only the technique to learn things.
The learning will become interesting & simple.
Various techniques reduces overall amount of time spent on learning.
Child will be familiar with specific techniques & how to apply techniques taught through various activities.
Delivery Mode : 
E book

Age Group : 

Vedic Maths is a program designed for children of the age 10 years and above.

Basic knowledge of the program : 

It involves learning of various mathematical techniques which corresponds to the school math curriculum. It involves various shortcuts and checking methods to perform fast mental calculations. The program is also very useful for the students who want to appear for any completive examination. It covers various mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division along with finding square, square roots, cube, and cube roots.

Benefits of the program are :
  1. It encourages mental calculations. It is easy, simple, direct and straightforward.
  2. Write your answers straight away. Save time with calculators.
  3. Be able to check whether you have arrived at the right answer with simple checking methods.
  4. We are living in the age of competitions. Vedic Mathematics methods come to us as a boon for all competitions. Present math's requires much effort in learning.
  5. Math's being most natural way of working can be learnt and mastered with very little efforts and in a very short time.
  6. Also show off to everyone you know! Let them see how amazingly intelligent you have become over a short period of time. Perhaps teach them how you do it, better still, leave them guessing!
  7. Help build your child's confidence in their mathematical abilities.
  8. It reduces burden on the learners as they have to know the table's up to 5.
  9. Increase self esteem for both you and your child with your new found math's skills
  10. Math's, a dreadful subject is converted into a playful and blissful subject, which we keep on learning with smiles on the face and joy in the heart.
  11. Learners would be able to solve mathematical problems about 15 times faster making math a fun.

Duration : 

The Vedic math course is divided into 3 Levels:
Basic Level
Intermediate Level and
Advanced Level
This Basic Term will give examples of simple applications of the sutras, to give a feel for how the Vedic Math's system works. For more advanced applications and a more complete coverage of the basic uses of the sutras, we recommend you to study intermediate and advanced term too.
Minimum required time for completion of basic level is 2 months.
Delivery Mode
EBook - step wise explanation of each technique is explained also practice sums are given.
Checkout will happen through our online store " " .

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