Use our Certification Programs for Career Building

Use our Certification Programs for Career Building. Flaunt our Certificate for Career Advancement programs to build a successful career for yourself. Our digital programs ensure that you learn at your convenient time, at your convenient pace and from the comfort of your home. Our programs are for everyone viz. tiny tots, school students, college students, teachers, parents and working executives. We are always here to help you. Just email us or pick up the phone and call us.
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Our Mission
A more prosperous India through the Right Education, at the Right Time and through the Right Opportunity.

Socio-Economic Development - A Cause
Our mission statement stands testimony to the fact that socio-economic development of our country is at the core of what we do. We are strong proponents of the belief that every individual has latent inborn talents which, if brought out, can contribute to the individual's growth significantly regardless of the career path chosen. Our programs are designed to let an individual realize these dormant talents and bring out the person's true potential. Starting at an early age is specially of immense significance. When such individuals become part of our administrative, governing or economic machinery, the overall impact of their contribution in the socio-economic development of our nation would be truly exceptional.

We are passionately focused on developing and bringing out programs that cater to holistic development of children right from the age of 3 months. The Indian society has only just begun to realize the importance of the right Early Childhood Education (ECE) approaches and its impact on the future of the child. Though our own mythology has the example of Abhimanyu's learning in the womb, but it took western science an eon to establish the fact scientifically that every child is a born genius. Given the right stimulations at the right time i.e. 3 months to 4 years of age, also the time when almost 90% of brain development and right brain learning happens, it is possible to develop the genius potential in every healthy child. Once again we firmly believe that if we are able to reach even a small percentage of our population with our programs in the ECE category, these children will add tremendously to the intellectual property and growth of the country in just about two decades.


Operational Areas
  • Research & Development of Skill Enhancement Programs
  • Marketing & delivery of training programs pan India
  • Online & offline promotion of edutainment based Books, Toys and DVD's
  • Exclusive pan India distribution network for Baby Music
  • Job portal for teaching community
  • Teacher Training in Early Childhood Care & Education and Learning Disabilities
  • Online Tutoring for children in USA
  • Web Solutions to domestic and overseas clients

Bouquet of Skill Enhancement Programs
In the era of specializations, one needs to be a 'Jack of All & Master of One'. Knowing a bit of everything and everything of something is a pre-requisite to carve a niche in this competitive world. In today's environment, apogee in any career is unattainable on the basis of curriculum based education alone. Strengthening the very foundation on which a career is built requires an individual to be multi-talented for that competitive edge.

Our range of programs caters to all age groups, from tiny tots to senior executives and our product line include the following:
  • Skill Enhancement Programs for children and adults
  • Career Building Vocational Certificate Courses
  • Career Advancement Certificate Courses
  • Certificate Courses in Early Childhood Education for pre-school teachers
  • Exclusive job portal for our teaching community
  • Educational Books, Toys and DVDs
  • CBSE Curriculum based Science and Maths DVDs for classes 6th to 10th
  • Exclusive Music for Babies(0-4 yrs of age) by award winning International Composer Raimond Lap of Netherlands
  • 'The Littlestar', a unique brain stimulation program for tiny tots (0-4 yrs age)
  • Workshops and Seminars for Parents and Teachers on topics related to child development, teaching methodologies and parenting.

The Online Advantage
Being an Online Education company, all our programs are delivered online and are structured for self-learning or in case of programs in Kinder Smart and Study Smart categories, the programs are structured so that the parents can learn over a weekend and use the lesson plans provided to teach their child over the week. Management programs have been designed with a self-learning course, a PowerPoint presentation and a trainer's manual keeping in mind that in the corporate environment, managers are often required to teach their subordinates.

The online delivery method ensures that the learning can happen from the convenience of one's home and at one's convenient pace. It eliminates the need to commute or run tight schedules to visit /drop/pick from an institute or coaching class. We also provide live online interaction with our experts in case anyone has a query or needs guidance with any program.



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