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L&ETM (Learn while you earn)
L&ETM (Learn while you earn) is an amazing, very unique and powerful compensation plan designed to create a stable secondary source of income and it is also designed to work for everyone. It will work for you too.

As soon as you buy our product it will be dispatched to within 72 hrs. We also create a Back Office exclusively for you. The userid and password is sent on your email. You can immediately go to www.ovointernational.com and login to your back office. Back office is the place where you will be able manage your profile, see dispatch details and also provide us your references.

As soon as you provide us your references, our trained executives will start the calling process to reach these prospects, to talk to them and to close sales for you. Our trained team works at its best to explain the benefits of our training programs and power of the rewards program to your prospects but we are sure you will understand that we cannot guarantee any specific results. We however assure you that our team puts in its best efforts to provide you results.

The magic of our unique L&ETM (Learn while you earn) is that you need just 2 Sales to start an unstoppable source of secondary income. Your second sale will create your first Power Line and roll over commissions will keep coming to you from this power line even if you stop providing references.

There is however no limit to how many direct sales or power lines you can generate. Every direct sale that you generate after the first direct sale actually creates a power line for you and you start to earn roll over sales commissions from all the power lines that you create. This is amazingly powerful. Yet no one is connected with anyone and there is absolutely no chain and no pyramid of any sort.
This is how it works :
In L&E, the individual who provides the reference is called the sponsor of that prospect. We share approximately 34% of the sales value as sales commission i.e. Rs 500 on every sale of the Smart Family Pack. According to L&ETM(Learn while you earn), this amount can go out as the entire amount of Rs 500 or it can get split as Rs 250 and go to two people. In case of Smart Education Pack the whole commission is Rs.600/- or Rs.300/- as split commission (w.e.f. Dec 11, 2012). This example uses the Smart Education Pack to explain the L&E. Read further to understand this. The best way to understand this concept is to imagine a room that is full of tables. Your Sponsor is heading one of the tables (Fig 1).

When you buy our product , you will occupy a chair on your sponsor's table (Fig 2) because your reference was provided by your sponsor.

Qualifying Sale :
Now start providing us your references and let us say that your first direct sale happens to a Mr 'X' (Fig 3). Mr X purchases the Smart Education Pack. The total sales commission is Rs 600 or Rs 300 if split into two. Two things will happen now.

(1) Here you will receive your first split sales commission of Rs 300 from Mr 'X', the second part of split rolls over to your sponsor (Fig 4).

(2) You also become 'Qualified' in the system and you will now move to your own table. First sale is therefore also known as 'Qualifying Sale'. Mr 'X' will now occupy your chair on your sponsor's table. Basically you will leave your first sale, i.e. Mr 'X' on your sponsor's table (Fig 5) and you will move to sit at the head your own table. 
 Your Income
1.Mr. 'X'Rs. 300

First Power Line :
Now you are sitting at the head of your own table. When you make your second direct sale to say Mr 'Y', he will come and sit next to you on your table just as you had done in step 1 above (Fig 6). Mr 'Y' is actually your 'First Power Line'. This is where the magic of L&ETM actually begins.

Sales commission from this sale will also be split between you and your sponsor according to L&ETM. (Fig 7)
From here onwards you will have no link with your sponsor. You are completely independent now.
Your Income
1.Mr. 'X'Rs. 300
2.Mr. 'Y'Rs. 300
  Total : Rs. 600

As Mr 'Y' generates his first (Qualifying) sale to say Mr 'Z' (Fig 8)

Mr 'Y' will receive one part of the split sales commission and because Mr 'Y' was sitting on your table, you will receive the second part of split sales commission from Mr. 'Z'. (Just as your sponsor had received the split from your first sale Mr 'X'.) (Fig 9)

SMr 'Y' will qualify and move to his own table (just as you did when your first sale had happened to Mr 'X'). Mr. 'Z' will now occupy the chair of Mr 'Y' on your table. (Fig 10)
Your Income
1.Mr. 'X'Rs. 300
2.Mr. 'Y'Rs. 300
3.Mr. 'Z'Rs. 300
  Total : Rs. 900

Similarly when Mr 'Z' makes his first sale to Mr 'A', split sales commission from Mr 'A' rolls over to you again (Fig 11).

Mr 'Z' will move to his own table, Mr 'A' occupies the chair vacated by Mr 'Z' on your table.

This simply means that you will go on receiving the split commission from this chair whenever the person sitting on this chair makes his own qualifying sale.

This also means that roll over commission will never stop coming to you because the person sitting on this chair will always make his first sale.

Remember... these are roll over commissions and not your direct sales. Till now your direct sales were only Mr 'X' and Mr 'Y' but you have already earned two roll over commissions till now :
Your Income
1.Mr. 'X'Rs. 300
2.Mr. 'Y'Rs. 300
3.Mr. 'Z'Rs. 300
4.Mr. 'A'Rs. 300
  Total : Rs. 1200

With all this passive income rolling in for you from your First Power Line, you will probably not sit back and it is very likely that you bring in another sale in your direct sponsorship. This will be your 3rd Direct Sale. (Just to recall your First Sale was Mr 'X' which you had left on your sponsor's table and your second direct sale was Mr 'Y' which created your First Power Line on your own table and you have been earning from this Power Line till now)

The third direct sale, say to Mr 'G', will create your second Power Line. Mr 'G' will also occupy a chair on your table. This time you receive the Whole sales commission from Mr 'G', i.e. Rs 600.

Now when first sale of Mr 'G' happens, you will once again receive the split sales commission from this sale just as you have been receiving with your first Power Line.

You will now go on receiving the split sales commission from two Power Lines whenever a qualifying sale happens in the Power Lines.

This is the power of the unique L&ETM (Learn while you earn).
Your Income
1.Mr. 'X'Rs. 300
2.Mr. 'Y'Rs. 300
3.Mr. 'Z'Rs. 300
4.Mr. 'A'Rs. 300
4.Mr. 'G'Rs. 600
  Total : Rs. 1800

The above is a detailed explanation of how the Learn while you earn (L&E) works and how it can generate an extra income for you. It should, in no way, be understood or misconstrued as a guarantee for any specific amount of income in any specific amount of time. We work hard on the references that you provide to us but the buying decision is finally on the prospect.

L&E is a very unique and powerful compensation plan to reward you for helping us promote our products. We will do our best to make it work for you and help you earn that something extra just for providing us the references.

Our programs are designed to help you and your family to enhance their so that they do better in whatever they are doing. We work hard to provide you an extra income for helping us promote our programs through L&E.

Can it really get easier than this?

Experience the power of L&E today.

Please note that our unique secondary income plan is our way of saying 'Thank You' to you to help us promote our educational products. We offer a sales commission whenever a sale is materialised from the references you provide. Our call centre works hard on every reference but we DO NOT guarantee how much earning will happen and any specific time frame for it. If you find that any kind of commitment has been made to you, please call us at 0731-4703250 immediately and inform us. Our support staff will be happy to clarify the details and assist you.



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